The Egg

One day after school as 6 year old Isabelle ate her snack, she began to tell me what she had learned in class.

She said “Mom, you know how Jesus and God and the ….. hmm, the spirit, is that what you call it? Did you know they’re like all the same?”

“Yes” I answered nervously because I knew within seconds, I was going to have to explain the mystery of the trinity to a five year old.

“Well I don’t get it. My teacher said it’s kinda like an apple, like Jesus is the core but God is umm the meaty part and then ummm, the spirit is…”

As I saw her struggle I remembered the explanation I was once given.

“Honey you can also think of it as an egg. An egg is three parts: the shell, the white, and the yoke. It’s one egg but made of three separate parts.”

Apparently she had had enough at this point and no longer being able to take all this egg-apple business she said, “Mommy, Mommy- just stop – just hold on. Just tell me one ting, when I die and get to heaven, is there going to be like three guys standing there or just one!”