MOPS Speaker

Geri Kuykendall

Friendship, Inspiration, Marriage, Mental Health, Overcoming Adversity, Resilience, Self-Care, Spiritual

  • Location: Southern California
  • Facebook:
  • Are you speaking on behalf of an organization or company? No
  • Instagram:
  • Number of MOPS groups spoken to: 10
  • How far are you willing to travel from your area to visit a MOPS group in person? 100 miles
  • This speaker is willing to speak virutally, through Zoom or some other web conferencing platform.
  • Speaker fee: I will accept whatever honorarium the group would like to give

Hi my name is Geri Kuykendall, and it would be my pleasure and blessing to come and speak to your next MOPS Group.

I’m a mother of two, and I have been married for over 25 years. My love for MOPS came from my own experience of being a MOPS mom for over 6 years. Some of the best days during those years were knowing Thursday was coming and that I would find my MOPS friends and eat the best casseroles our mentor moms could make! Oh how I looked forward to those meetings! I also had the great pleasure of being behind the scenes as I served different roles in our MOPS steering committee and eventually transitioned into a mentor mom myself.

In addition to my personal MOPS experience, I am a women’s Bible study teacher, often teaching on a weekly or monthly basis in addition to working in women’s ministry over the past 10 years. It has been a privilege to teach God’s word and take the deep lessons of the Bible and make them relatable to our daily lives. By using stories and personal applications I’ve been able to reach women in small intimate groups to several hundred.

When I speak it’s always my greatest desire to keep it real with no pretenses. No one is perfect and we are all a work-in-progress, but with God’s leading we can become the women and mothers God is calling us to be. And we can do it together, with a little humor and grace.

Having been a MOPS mom myself, I have felt firsthand the challenges, I can empathize with the sleepless nights, the juggling of responsibilities, and the moments of self-doubt, anxiety and loneliness. I cherish the opportunities to connect and encourage the moms through my own challenges and victories, lessons learned and how I found beauty in embracing the messy moments of life.

There are a lot of battles we deal with during this time, mostly in our minds and I am thankful for the tools for overcoming that I learned and now this is something i would want to pass on

When I speak to a group of MOPS moms I always love when it can be interactive, giving some time for questions, reflection and engagement. My aim is to create an atmosphere where MOPS moms feel at ease sharing what’s on their hearts and minds knowing they will be supported.