From the beginning of time
Even before time began
it has always been about you

It has always been about you the Messiah
who would one day come
to break the captive free
to heal the broken hearted
to make beauty out of our ashes
and praise out of our despair.

It has always been about you the Saviour
who would one day save us from sin and death.
To take the burdens off of our shoulders
that we were never meant to bear.

There is no one out there who holds that one sin that your death did not cover.
Nor lived a life so clean that your blood was not for them.
For if you were crucified for one of us
you were crucified for all of us.

That we would accept you one day as our redeemer
not just for the eternal
but for here on this earth.
That we would have an abundant life
and be called the righteousness of God.

So if you decide to trust Jesus and take His open hand,
hold on tight.
Because as promised in His word
He will set you free.

Jesus has been waiting for you.
He has been there for you yesterday,
He is here for you today,
And He will be there for you…….



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