Kimmy went into the hospital on Saturday again because she was having pain but this time they could not give her the pain medicine because her blood pressure was low.  She had been throwing up earlier from Joshua and serenity stomach flu( we never got it! and they had both spent the night when they were unknowingly sick!)

I remember how scared I was because I didn’t want her to suffer but somehow I mustered all the faith I could, I called her and prayed for her with Dan.    And guess what her blood pressure came back up. God answered our prayer!!!  In a dark time things changed.  After that she began to get better and better.  Praying changed things.

Today she called happy, content, because she was better.  Not shaken at all by the events just happy she was well The things that do bother her have nothing to do with her illness.  NOTHING.

God was there and He stepped in and he changed things.

I heard God ask me.  “Geri what it be okay if in your life you do go thru some things (nothing as bad as you have imagined) and I am there for you and make things better in the end.  If in the end not after  A LONG TIME but shortly I make beauty out of them, would that be okay.  If it all works and nothing brings you down.  The way you think it will.  Could we just then leave in peace and joy now instead of dreading what will never happen?”

I said yes.

God don’t let me forget, Holy spirit, remind me of this.  I love you.


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